1. Origin

Domus Novem started as an experiment on designing, producing and distributing leather goods. It quickly evolved, from personal project and a series of passion-following activities into a full commerce. Currently, we’re in the process of another change: evolving and expanding, aiming for the next destination: a full-scale brand that aims to add values to urban lifestyles.

The name of Domus Novem is originated from latin, which in free translation means house number nine.

2. Design

Domus Novem design is always straightforward. We genuinely believe that there is, indeed, beauty in simplicity; that simple things are the most beautiful (and more often than not, are the most difficult to design). On the other hand, we also love complexities. And, above all, we love how those two opposite things and aspects balancing each other into one single form.

The best example of that would be the simplicity of a haiku and the intricate brush play on the painting that illustrates it. And that’s the direction that we’re not gonna stop pursuing.

3. Production

Unless otherwise stated, all of our products are made to order. That being said, some of our products/articles will also be available in small batches. Please ask for the availability. Visit our shop

As mentioned somewhere, we invest ourselves in producing small quantity, top quality leather goods.

“Less is more” is something that we believe in, in every sense of the words. Not only does it guide us in how we design things, but also in how we produce them. By producing less products, we can focus on bringing more quality to each one of them.

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