Indonesian fashion brand producing functional, well-designed leather goods for urban lifestyle. Based in Bali

Woven-leather lounge Bali

Less is More

It’s something that we believe in, in every sense of the words. Not only does it guide us in how we design things, but also in how we produce them. By producing less products, we can focus on bringing more quality to each one of them.

Leather tote bag double pockets


Leather Bags

Our leather bags are made from premium leathers, beautifully-designed and built to last.

Leather Lounge



Your home isn’t complete without our home-related products. Our pieces of furniture have modern characteristics crafted with mastery by our local artisans.

Utopian leather belt


Apparel and Accessories

We’re talking about your daily fashion here, including accessories that not only make you look great but also make your life easier.

Featured Products
How can we help you?

Although we pride ourselves on our products, there’s always a room that they’re not for everyone. Customized your order, be creative and let us handle the production.

Shop our original products. We design and crafted them for you anyway. Be the proud owner of our meticulously designed and skillfully made leather goods. Wear local and be proud of it.

Collaboration. Even the word sounds delicious. We always love to work with like-minded person and other brands to create something awesome. Let’s grow our brands together!

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We Don’t Sell Saddles Here

Editor’s Note: I really like this so-called memo. It’s simply inspiring as it is insightful. I share it here in the hope that it will inspire you to kickstart your own project, startup, or whatever your passion is, as much as it inspired me in starting Domus Novem. Original article start after this. It can…

The Pixies

I wanna Be The Pixies

The Pixies' best-known line-ups. L to R: Charles Thompson aka Black Francis, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and David Lovering Not all heroes wear capes. Not all rock stars look like rock stars. They got the job well-done, nevertheless. That being said The Pixies, is one of the most bad-ass rock band ever walked this Earth.…


Everyone wants to look good. That’s the whole idea of fashion. That’s why they invented it in the first place. It’s what fashion is all about; its goal; its reason of being. But fashion didn’t start with the invention of dress, suits and accessories. Didn’t start with hairdos and makeup. It started rather with the…

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