Indonesian fashion brand producing functional, well-designed leather goods for urban lifestyle. Based in Bali

Less is More

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It’s something that we believe in, in every sense of the words. Not only does it guide us in how we design things, but also in how we produce them. By producing less products, we can focus on bringing more quality to each one of them.

Design Stories/Portfolio

Story behind Domus Novem Indonesian leather goods designs

Quality Materials + Inspirational Designs

Equals exceptional products. Those are the values we always try to achieve in every leather goods we produce.


Leather Bags | Tas Kulit

Our leather bags are made from premium leathers, beautifully-designed and built to last.



Your home isn’t complete without our home-related products. Our pieces of furniture have modern characteristics crafted with mastery by our local artisans.


Apparel and Accessories

We’re talking about your daily fashion here, including accessories that not only make you look great but also make your life easier.

Reading Section

Domus Novem Journal

Our everyday thoughts are presented here.

We love to talk about leather, design, music, fashion and photography.
Also architecture, interiors and furniture.

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