#1 Giveaway Winner


First of all, thank you for joining Domus Novem’s first ever giveaway!

Now that it’s finished, don’t unfollow us just yet (lol, yes, I’m talking to you, you know who you are). We’re going to do this thing regularly in the future so stay tuned. Keep following and stay alert for any giveaway or other surprises in the future.

Quick recap of the contest:

  • There were 211 valid GIMME DAT TOTE! comments (I cracked up on some of them. Thanks for making me laugh (I desperately need it) with your enthusiasm.)

How I pick the winner:

  • To determine the winner, I simply listed the comments chronologically in Excel file (yes, I’m old school) and assigned each with number, namely 1-211.
  • Then I ran it with sequence generator from Random.org.
  • It then randomize the number, before come with an entire new order of the numbers.
  • The first number come out the winner.

Congratulations for the winner! Please check our IG story to see who wins.

For the the rest of you, jangan sedih.

We have a 10% disc. for all of our tote bags as a token of gratitude for your participation.

Use the code DISCO10 in your check out. The discount will run till June 30.


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