Don't wash your jeans

Don’t Wash Your Jeans

Well, it isn’t like you haven’t done that already, is it? Especially you anak kos!

People purposely don’t wash their jeans for various reasons. One of which is to get that beautiful faded effects. Denim lovers have treated faded patterns on their jeans like idol worshipers do to their idol. With devotion.

Indeed, out of simple pleasures in life, to have a well-developed honeycombs on your denim pants or jackets are among the most satisfying experience.

Others do it to reduce their so-called “water footprint” because, apparently, it takes 2000 gallons of water just to make a pair of jeans. The rest, like me, is doing it simply because they’re too lazy.

The question remains, however, should we wash our jeans or not?

I mean, even Levi’s CEO, Chip Bergh, said that it’s unnecessary to wash your jeans. And if Levi’s CEO said you shouldn’t have washed your jeans, who are you to disagree?

Here’s a list on why you shouldn’t wash your jeans at all (or that often):

It’s bad for the fabric

Washing peel that layer of indigo color evenly. While people do love the washed effects on their jeans, it needs to built overtime, due to tear and wear, not simply because of a few too many washes.

Ethical reason

Those who know that 2000 gallons of water is needed to “grow” a pair of jeans they just bought will consciously or unconsciously (you ethical unconscious bastard!) try to reduce the water usage needed to maintain them in some acceptable levels of comfort and hygiene.


I’d like to pretend that I am the first two, but in reality, this is me. Do you know how tiring it is to hand wash your heavyweight jeans?

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